PEC Grant Application

The Peterborough Presbytery Extension Council Grant Application Form

The application process for the Peterborough Presbytery Extension Council (PEC) Fund is designed to ensure alignment with the mission, values, and objectives of the fund, fostering innovative, sustainable, and community-oriented projects. Priority will be given to initiatives that demonstrate creativity, inclusivity, and a commitment to advancing the Church’s mission within the areas served by TUCC.

Applicants should provide a detailed description of the proposed project, including its objectives, beneficiaries, and anticipated outcomes. The description should highlight how the project fosters creativity, inclusivity, and innovation in advancing the Church’s mission.
Describe how the proposed project introduces a new approach or enhances an existing ministry, emphasizing its potential impact on the community of faith and/or the broader community. This section should also address how the project contributes to the growth and long-term goals of the church within its ministry context.
Outline how the success of the initiative will be evaluated and measured, utilizing both quantitative and qualitative measures such as surveys, interviews, or written evaluations based on feedback from stakeholders impacted by the project.
Provide a comprehensive budget for the proposed project, detailing estimated costs associated with its implementation. Include expenses such as personnel salaries (or stipends), supplies, travel, and any other relevant costs. Additionally, include information regarding any additional sources of funding, such as grants or in-kind contributions, that will support the initiative’s financial sustainability.