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Congregational Development Resources


Property & Mission Review

There is a strong consciousness within United Church communities of faith that church buildings are not just for Sundays. Rather, they should be seen as an important community resource for the whole of the week. In addition, for many, it is increasingly important to find ways in which the costs of maintaining the property can be shared more widely if the building is going to be kept in place as such an asset. There is a great variety of ways in which congregations use their buildings when they are not using it themselves.

Yet the choices congregations make regarding the use of their properties are often developed piecemeal rather than strategically. Practices adopted to manage often evolve almost by accident, instead of being intentionally planned. Meanwhile best practices developed in some places are not widely shared.

Katja Brittain has joined TUCC to help congregations identify strategic pathways for the use of their buildings. Her aim is to enable them to achieve their community and missional aims more effectively by assisting them to make considered and strategic decisions about the stewardship of their property and the way in which this use is administered. On a regular basis, she will share insights from her work on the ground. You can stay in touch by signing up to receive the Property & Mission Review newsletter and feel free to reach out to her ( if you wish to discuss matters in more detail. 

Discussion Papers  

God's House or Clubhouse  -  How we use our building tells the community who we are.

How Accessible is Your Church?  -  Are you ready to greet everyone?

Lending Your Church Facilities  -  A guide for being a prudent landlord.

Clarity or Clutter - How we care for our church home tells the tale.


Facilities and Equipment Use Agreement  -  Sample forms to use when sharing your church's space.  

Selling Church Property   -  A useful guide on selling church property, entering into contracts with realtors, and understanding offers of purchase and sale. 

Financing Repairs, Renovations and Retrofits   -  How Toronto United Church Council can help finance your congregation's capital requirements.



The Toronto United Church Council works with the church community to connect resources with ministry. Offering access to professional advice, financial support and leadership development, Council helps our church address the social and spiritual challenges of the day.