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Creating Sustainable Missional Ministries with Eric Law - NEW DATES - Nov. 8 & 9 2014

Eric Law, founder of the Kaleidoscope Institute, returns to Toronto in November to continue his exploration of "Holy Currencies." Once again individuals and small teams can join these workshops either in person or via the United In Learning online program. In March and May Eric Law introduced the concept of "Holy Currencies," and in these workshops will explore two more "Currencies" in the Cycle of Blessings. Join us to hear how Eric describes the Currencies of Time and Place, and shows us how these too can be 'exchanged' to enhance the full cycle of blessings. As in the previous workshops, the goal is to help us imagine and implement ministries that are both missional

For more details please view our information page.

To find out more about how Holy Currencies has been experienced in other congregations read these missional ministry stories or view a recording of an online information session held in November 2013. You can also purchase Eric's latest book online: Holy Currencies: Six Blessings for Sustainable Missional Ministries.


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