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Creating Green Energy at Islington United Church
Solar panels installed on the roof of Islington United Church went live in October 2011.The panels are connected to the Toronto Hydro electrical grid and are creating clean, “green” energy for the community! With it's solar project up and running the Islington Green Team will focus on making their heritage building more energy efficient. Click here to view a presentation on Islington's solar journey. Also available are three videos of Islington's Solar Open House event:

Click here to view the Honourable Laurel Broten congratulate the congregation on behalf of the Premier.
Click here to view part one of Steve Tower's presentation in which the leader of the Islington Green Team describes the congregation's solar project from start to finish.
Click here to view part two of Steve Tower's presentation.

First United Church, Owen Sound mark eight months of operation of their solar array in November 2011 
Perhaps the first United Church congregation in Toronto Conference to 'go solar' with their switch-on in March 2011, First United also adopted a great way to raise funds for the investment in the project, issuing debentures that were taken up by people in the community wishing to invest in a green project as well as through congregational financing.  You can see a short video about their project here and read some of the material they issued inviting the wider community to participate in the project here .

Considering Solar at Humbercrest United Church
After several years of environmental stewardship lead by its Planet Matters group, Humbercrest United Church is hoping to move beyond awareness building and energy conservation to generating solar electricity.  The congregation has been accepted as a solar site under Ontario’s Feed-In-Tariff (micro-FIT) program, and are now researching financing and implementation options.  They are one of four congregations in the Network who are moving ahead with solar programs.  To read more about Humbercrest’s solar story, click here.

Newtonbrook United Church Signs Up for Carbon-Neutral Electricity
Newtonbrook United Church, in the Willowdale community of north Toronto, has taken an important step to reducing the carbon footprint of its electricity usage.  Installing solar photovoltaic cells for electricity generation was examined as one option.  The Coordinating Committee decided to delay any solar installation until more information is known about the shadow of neighbouring buildings.  Another option that was considered was the purchase of electricity from Bullfrog Power.  The Coordinating Committee decided to support this option and Newtonbrook United is now ‘bullfrogpowered’.  Living with respect in creation, for Newtonbrook, means reducing the amount of electricity that they use, and having it generated naturally by wind and more  

Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Forest Hill United Church: A Lighting Retrofit Success Story
In 2005, Forest Hill United Church made an important decision to reduce its carbon footprint by looking up – up, that is, to the lights in their building.  Forest Hill initiated a four-year project to retrofit the existing lights in the church.  In addition to the goal of lowering their church’s carbon footprint, the Property Committee wanted to extend the life of exist¬ing wiring, improve lighting levels in the building, and reduce their overall electricity and maintenance costs.  Lighting represents between 30 to 50 percent of a church’s typical electricity costs.  The first step in the project was more

Humbercrest’s Thousand Acts of Green
Earlier this year, the Planet Matters group at Humbercrest United Church launched ‘Humbercrest’s Thousand Acts of Green Challenge.’ Planet Matters, a monthly eco-discussion group at Humbercrest, came up with the idea as a way to extend their concern and action about climate change to the rest of the congregation.  On February 1, 2010 a challenge went out to the congregation and all church user groups to: reduce their greenhouse gas emissions both at church and in the community at large; and, collectively achieve a count of at least one thousand Acts of Green by Sunday, March 28, the day after Earth Hour.  read more...

Palgrave United Church’s Eco-Covenant
During its Earth Day Service on April 18, the congregation of Palgrave United in Caledon put the finishing touches on its eco-covenant, a document which “will call on the community to reflect on its relationship with Earth” and includes “actions we take as a community in the world.”  During the dialogue time, members asked questions about the covenant and offered their ideas, including suggestions for community and individual commitments.  The Palgrave eco-covenant was formally adopted as policy by the Official Board the following week.  To see the full text of Palgrave’s eco-covenant, click here. 

Celebrating the Earth & Community at Trinity-St. Paul's:
A Community Eco-Fair Success Story
On Sunday, May 3, 2009, congregation members of Trinity-St. Paul’s United Church (TSP) and local residents gathered together to celebrate God’s creation and learn about environmental issues at the Greening Our Neighbourhoods Eco Festival.  The event raised awareness about climate change, and provided participants with practical tools for making individual and societal changes.  The festival was organized by TSP’s Centre for Faith, Justice, and the Arts (CFJA), an organization which brings together local arts, justice, and community groups.  The celebration began more.

Trinity-St. Paul’s United Church Eco-Festival and Blessing of Cyclists and Bicycles
Trinity-St. Paul’s held its second Eco-Festival on Sunday, April 11 following its morning whole-earth eco-justice worship service.  The event included a fundraising lunch featuring local foods and two free workshops – one on sustainable local foods and the other on greening your home.  The event culminated with a ‘Blessing of Cyclists and Bicycles’ where the congregation blessed bicycles and cyclists as a way to promote a more sustainable city.  For a copy TSP’s Blessing of Cyclists and Bicycles, click here.


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