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Green Awakening Network


Green Awakening Network 

The "How Green is Your Church?" Awards

In the summer of 2017 members of the joint-social justice committee of the two Toronto presbyteries agreed to develop a program encouraging communities of faith to systematically deepen their environmental awareness and commitment. The “How Green Is Your Church?” program - a collaboration with Toronto United Church Council and Faith and the Common Good - was the outcome. This year the program is open to all communities of faith in Region 10.

Once again we challenge you to become a greener church by aiming for certification through the Greening Sacred Spaces Green Certification Program. This program offers three levels of certification – light green, medium green and deep green - with a wide-range of actions to select from.
There are three prizes of $1,000 each for the best plans (one for each certification level). Award applications should be submitted by May 1st 2019.

A package with detailed information about the program and resources to help you build your green team and prepare the way for planning can be downloaded here. If you have any questions you can contact Ali Hayes of TUCC ( for help.

Related Resources:

Our Human Dominion on the Earth – Reflecting on God’s creation and considering the ecological crisis we face. An Earth Day sermon by Professor Emeritus Harold Wells, Emmanuel College

Climate Change Reading Group Bibliography prepared by Harold Wells

Falling In Love with the Earth. Stephen Bede Scharper, Living Ecological Justice, CPJ, 2013

Greening Sacred Spaces Certification Overview

Greening Sacred Spaces Certification Checklist

40 Days of Lenten Action to Live with Respect in Creation

Sustainable Energy Loans

Toronto United Church Council is pleased to announce the availability of funds for energy savings improvements to church buildings through its new Sustainable Energy Loans Fund (SELF). Save money and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions! The fund offers low interest loans (0% in the first five years, 1% thereafter) and is able to finance 100% of a retrofit or renewable energy project from $5,000 to $50,000. The energy savings realized will help offset the cost of the improvements. All United Church congregations and mission units in Toronto Conference who are undertaking qualifying energy reduction retrofits and/or renewable energy installations are eligible. More details about this exciting opportunity are available in the SELF Information Flyer

 Resource Released: "Living Ecological Justice"

GAN has co-sponsored the publishing of a new book, which has just been released.  Written by a rich diversity of authors on a great series of topics, living Ecological Justice contains chapters on Creation Care, Ecology with Spirituality, and Worship & Action. Each chapter uses a biblical passage as the launch point for reflection and discussion of our relationship with Earth.  Educational and worship resources will also be available. If you are interested in copies for individuals or study groups with your congregation, please contact GAN. Copies are available through GAN at a reduced price of $10/book + postage. Delivery from early October. Reserve your copy by contacting Ali Hayes or Ron Ewart from the Toronto United Church Council. Phone: 905-771-5124


GAN Resources Site

Designed for congregations and faith communities, the GAN Resources site covers why we should care about greening, simple ideas for getting started, worship ideas and green sermons, information about more complex environmental projects, resource materials and links, success stories, and much more! We invite you to visit the site. Suggestions and recommendations are welcome.


The Green Awakening Network is one of the network ministries of The Toronto United Church Council.

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