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Church Futures and Church Turnaround Programs

Church Futures Program

This program is for a congregation that is at a crossroads. It could be thinking about what direction to take, given changes in its ministry environment. For example,

  • The church's neighbourhood has changed.
  • New subdivisions are coming to town.
  • The church's growth has been declining despite the church's best efforts.

The Church Futures Program gives the congregation a chance to explore all the options available to it (downsize, redevelop its facility, relocate, reinvent its culture, amalgamate, and end its ministry). The program helps the congregation choose its own future rather than simply let long, slow decline happen.

The program takes place over a two-month period, preferably on alternate Saturday mornings (c. 9-1:00). The timeline allows church leaders to do their homework between sessions.

The Church Futures Program is led by a team from the Centre for Church Development and Leadership. The team meets with the key leadership of the congregation, including the minister, before deciding whether or not to take on the project. The cost of the program is $600 per Saturday or $2400 in total.

Download a Church Futures Program Flyer.

The Church Turnaround Project

The Church Turnaround Project is for congregations that have come to a place in their lifecycle where they need to renew and transform some part of their church in order to turn it around and allow it to move into  sustainable mission in the years ahead.

The Project provides training and mentoring in 2 or 3 systems of the congregation that need attention. The systems include:

Meeting Up With God (Worship and Assimilation system)
Making the most of everything about the Sunday morning experience in order to offer people a life-transforming encounter with God ... everything from the church's parking lot to the system it uses to tum guests into thriving members of the congregation

Reaching Beyond Our Doors (Community Engagement system)
becoming an externally-focused church, including raising the church's profile in the neighbourhood, getting to know the neighbours, marketing that meets the community's spiritual needs, etc.

Building a Culture of Generosity (Finance and Generosity system)
developing the habits in the congregation that enable people to grow in their generosity with money and time as they grow in faith and discipleship

Faith Growth for Grown-Ups (Adult Faith Growth system)
Developing a comprehensive system of courses and experiences in the church to nurture adults in faith as a normal part of life with God

Leading the Mission Journey (The Governance system)
the board and the alignment of the church's mission assets-property, funds, and volunteer time-for sustainable mission and ministry, including governance for mission.

The cost of the program is determined by the extent and duration of the project in individual congregations. Following a free consultation, a full outline of the program and costing will be given.

Download a Church Turnaround Project Flyer .

For more details, contact Janet Marshall at or at 905-771-5124 / 1-800-235-8822 ext 25.


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