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Toronto United Church Council is well managed by a capable and enthusiastic Board of Directors.

Council's exceptional leadership team also includes its Committee Members and its Corporate Members

Board of Directors

          Home Church
Barry Butwell
St. John's UC, Georgetown
Wendy Jarvis (President)
St. Mark's UC, Scarborough
Bill Jermyn
Bradford UC, Bradford

           Michael Kooiman

          Central UC, Weston
Ross Leckie
Grace UC, Brampton
Hannah Lee
Knob Hill UC, Scarborough
Ted Meyers (Treasurer)
          Trinity UC, Uxbridge
Norm Seli
           Jubilee UC, North York
           Doug Smith            North Bramalea UC, Brampton
Wing Haan Tam
Toronto Chinese UC,  Scarborough


The Toronto United Church Council works with the church community to connect resources with ministry. Offering access to professional advice, financial support and leadership development, Council helps our church address the social and spiritual challenges of the day.